Things To Do In St. Kitts

Things To Do In St. Kitts

There is no doubt that St. Kitts is one of the most diversified Caribbean Islands. Stating from breathtaking beaches, scenic beauty, picturesque undulating landscapes, volcanoes, rainforests, and historic sites, this island possesses a list of diversified attractions to offer. It is genuinely one of the few Caribbean islands providing an enormous umbrella of diversified things to do. Over 100,000 tourists visit this Caribbean Island each year for enjoying the natural scenic beauty, mesmerizing beaches, and historic places. The island has a warm tropical climate ideal for swimming and diving lovers. Therefore, this island also ranks its name among the top beach destinations in the Caribbean. Let us discover some interesting facts about St. Kitts.

Interesting Facts About St. Kitts

  • St. Kitts neighboring Islands, Nevis is a hotspot for beaches and together they form one Country, the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis.
  • St. Kitts and Nevis together are nicknamed as “The Sister Islands.”
  • St. Kitts and Nevis islands are separated by a shallow channel called, The Narrows.
  • Home of the most massive fortress ever built in the Eastern Caribbean and a UNESCO heritage site.
  • Smallest nation to host the 2007 world cup matches.
  • The Island has a large number of dormant volcanoes, tallest being the Mount Liamuiga.
  • Nicknamed as “the Sugarcane Island”
  • Home for Green Monkeys

St. Kitts along with its sister island Nevis offers amazing holiday experience to all travelers. This is a comprehensive guide outlining the top things to do in St. Kitts.

Scenic Railway Tour

The best way to explore the beauty of this Eastern Caribbean Island is with the Scenic Railway Tour. This railway tour is the center of attraction for all tourists visiting this Island. This amazing train ride is for three hours where the train circles around the entire Islands. You can see abandoned sugar plantations, churches, villages and picturesque scenic beauty of the island as the train whistles and passes by the narrow gauge. The beauty of this train is it has two levels. The top-level is open while the bottom is closed and air-conditioned. To enjoy the ultimate views of the Mountains and the Oceans takes a seat at the train’s top level and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty spread all over. Travelers often call this Scenic Railway Tour as a historic train Ride. The reason is this train was originally built to transport sugar cane from the island’s sugar plantations to the outside sugar factory. Today it provides tourists and travelers with an unparalleled opportunity enjoying the Island’s natural beauty in the best possible way.

Brimstone Hill Fortress & Park

BRIMSTONE HILL FORTRESS AND NATIONAL PARK is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of historical significance. This is almost a 100-years old military architecture constructed on a hill on the island of St. Kitts with nearby volcanic rock deposits. This fort exhibits lots of history and story of bravery about the French and British soldiers who fought here. British troops were stationed here for several years until 1852, later they left. Once you are inside the fort, you can climb up and see the old officer quarters, many wall paintings of the soldiers and many interesting things inside the fort. On top of the fort, there are two huge cannons facing out towards the sea precisely used during the war. The fort is at a great height and gives breathtaking views of the nearby seas and mountains.

In case you are excited about adventure HIKING AND ZIPLINING, you must visit the Central Forest Reserve National Park. Here you find the unique African Green Velvet Monkeys. The entire forest area is vast with an abundance of greenery. You can find here over 900 varieties of unique plant species. Hiking, mountain biking, and ZIPLINING are the major adventure sports that you can take part in and enjoy. There are five different ZIPLINES with different lengths, out of which The Boss Zip lining is the longest of around 1,320 feet. You get breathtaking views of the rainforest valley and the sea while you enjoy the adventure activity.

Bloody River

Out of the many tourist attractions, a visit to this historic site called Bloody River is a must. Here one of the largest massacres in the Caribbean took place in 1626 when over 2000 native Caribs were killed by the French and British forces. History says the blood continued to flow through the adjoining river of these dead soldiers for over three days. Visit this site and take unlimited photographs imagining how devastating the death bed would have been during the time of that incident.

Basseterre City Tour

Basseterre city tour must be among the top things to do in St. Kitts. The downtown Basseterre is the first French town in the Caribbean where you can find French and British colonial buildings. Visit the Independence square, where auctioning of slaves used to take place during the olden days. Also visit the beautiful Roman Catholic Church, The Basseterre Co-Cathedral of Immaculate Conception built-in 1928 out of grey stone. Take photographs and walk inside the local shops or buy some authentic and mouth-watering Caribbean food while enjoying the architectural beauty all over.

Explore the beaches – Here are the top five

Of course, one of the things to do in St. Kitts, is visiting the beaches. Caribbean holidays are incomplete in case you don’t visit the beaches. Although the sister Island of Nevis is a more popular beach destination, St Kitts also has few stunning beaches. Visiting these beaches and enjoying the turquoise water and black, golden sands are definitely a breathtaking experience for any traveler.

  • South Friar Beach is an amazing beach providing exquisite picturesque beauty. Here the grey sands, warm water and the sun kissing the skin make this beach as one of the most popular beaches of St. Kitts. Swimming here is extremely tempting but needs to done with care because of this beach located on the Atlantic coast.
  • Cockleshell Beach in St. Kitts is often nicknamed as the paradise beach by many travelers because of the excellent scenic beauty. This beach is located near the tip of the southeast peninsula of St. Kitts. The entire curved beach area consists of fine-grained sands with stunning natural greenery all over. A large number of restaurants and bars are spread across for you to grab a drink and enjoy the beach sun.
  • Turtle Beach is an ideal place for snorkeling and surfing. From this beach, you can also see the neighboring island of Nevis. There are lots of open-air cafes all around the beach where you can get Chilled Carib Beer and grilled(local seafood). Spend time in the warm water and enjoying the beach and scenic beauty.
  • Dieppe Bay beach is an ideal place for snorkeling and windsurfing on the island of St. Kitts. The beach is also remarkable for its black sands and stunningly deep blue waters. Located on the North West edge of St. Kitts, this beach is definitely a major point of attractions for locals and tourists visiting St. Kitts. In case you want to see the best colorful marine life, you must visit Dieppe Bay beach.
  • Majors Bay is an amazing place for those looking to get isolated from the crowd and hustle-bustle. This is a peaceful beach with clear waters and empty stretches of sand all over the place. The beach sand and tranquil beauty are extremely romantic and are couple friendly.

Final Verdict

The To-Do list in St. Kitts is large as this island has a large diversified point of attractions for tourists. So, prepare your bucket list and visit this island to enjoy the most notable attractions for an unforgettable experience. These are some to the top things to do in St. Kitts. Let us help plan your perfect island getaway.

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