Top 10 Hawaii Beaches You Must Explore

Top 10 Hawaii Beaches You Must Explore

Some places never lose their charm. They continue to attract tourists with their time-tested attractions. The lure of new and latest tourist hotspots can never mar their popularity. Hawaii is one such place. For years, it has ruled the personal bucket list of travelers. If you are also looking forward to a splendid Hawaiian holiday, let’s find out how you can make your Hawaii trip memorable.

What’s special about Hawaii?

Everything. That would be the answer of most people who have been to this island state. Let’s introduce you quickly to the wonder called Hawaii. It is the only island state of the USA located in the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian state comprises of 137 islands spread over 1,500 miles. As you can imagine, the prime attraction of Hawaii is its beaches. So, we will tell you about the 10 best beaches in Hawaii.

For years, Hawaii has attracted beach lovers from across the world with its picture-perfect beaches. They are incredible, majestic, and must feature in your itinerary. Whether you want to swim, surf, or simply lounge around, Hawaiian beaches will make your vacation the most memorable one.

We will begin with Oahu, the home of the capital Honolulu and also the most famous city of this group of islands. It is known as “The Gathering Place” and no wonder offers the best nightlife in Hawaii. You must try the craft beer here. If you want a taste of local culture, head to Kakaako, Kapahulu, and Chinatown. But of course, beaches of Oahu are equally enticing and you cannot miss them.

Waikiki –The Golden Beach

It is the most celebrated beach in Hawaii. This crescent-shaped golden beach had mesmerized tourists since the 1900s. Originally a playground for the Hawaiian royalty, today Waikiki is a bustling tourist hub. The iconic Diamond Head Mountain creates a stunning backdrop for Waikiki where people flock to sunbath. Surfers love this beach for its huge waves.

For a unique Hawaiian experience, mingle with the locals, grab a mai tai and gaze at the sea, buy sea-shell jewelry from the local shops, and watch the Friday-night fireworks.

Ko Olina Beach – Splash around in Happiness

The clear blue water of this beach relaxes the mind. The kids love to play in the shallow waters which are safe for them.

Waimea Bay Beach Park – Heaven for Pro Surfers

Does surfing excite you? Waimea Bay Beach will be the ideal location for you to ride big waves. Although the north shore of Oahu is less developed, it witnesses a lot of footfalls due to the swells. A lot of prestigious surfing tournaments are held here.

Big Island is the largest island and officially called Hawaii. The island was built by five volcanoes of which Mauna Kea is the tallest sea mountain. There are two active volcanoes that form the prime attraction. Beaches?  It is a paradise for beach enthusiasts.

Papakolea Beach – Let Green Sand Welcome You

Have you ever seen green sand? If no, you must visit this remote beach on the Big Island. This part of the coast is steep and offers plenty of challenges to hikers and swimmers. The olivine crystal eroded from the volcanic rocks gives the beach its unique green tint.

Punalulu Black Sand Beach – A Wonder of Nature

No matter how impossible it sounds, but there is a black beach in Hawaii. This rocky beach makes a spectacular sight and is a must-visit on your Hawaii tour.

Hapuna Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. It is pristine, offers great views, and water sports options.

Kauai is one of the major islands of Hawaii, popular for its tropical rainforest covering. It is also home to some of the most spectacular beaches of the archipelago.

Kalapaki Bay – Perfect for Family Vacations

This harbor lies on the eastern coast of Kauai and is ideal for family vacations. You can go for canoeing or swimming while the kids will love surfing and boogie boarding. The locals throng here to play volleyball and you can also join them. The seaside restaurants offer local delicacies to complete your Hawaiian holiday.

Poipu Beach Park – Make it the Epicenter of Your Activities

This beach area is very popular with families as the waters are calm and ideal for beginner swimmers and kids. It offers plenty of scopes for water activities like snorkeling, surfing, and simply splashing around. As the kids enjoy their time, you can rest your body and mind and have a peaceful holiday.

Kalihiwai Beach – Have Your Quiet Moments

Are you looking for a secluded vacation? Maybe be a romantic one or a chance to bond with your family? Kalihiwai Beach will fit your bill with its tiny cove and lagoon. It is mainly a local-only beach but loved by tourists who look for serenity and good opportunities for body surfing. The freshwater lagoon is a favorite with kids. This beach is a great place for day picnics.

Lanai Island is termed as the most enticing island of Hawaii. This smallest inhabited island of the archipelago blends luxury and adventure with dollops of serenity and privacy. Sounds perfect for your next vacation? Check out the beaches of this mesmerizing island.

Hulopoe Beach

This is perhaps the best beach of Lanai with its golden sand. However, what makes Hulopoe so popular is the sea animals like spinner dolphins and humpback whales.     The beach is favorite with surfers and swimmers.

Polihua Beach

The scope of privacy and a chance to explore a beach on your feet make Polihua unique. Go for long walks along the coast here and enjoy the sea and sun. Swimming is not advisable as the currents are too strong but the humpback whales will give you company during the winter months.

For more adventure, go hiking in Lanai. Hit the dirt roads and the breath-taking views will never allow you to complain. You can get splendid views of Maui and Molokai. Make memories while riding horses through the lush valleys. The Munro Trail beckons you to visit the highest point of Lanai.

You can never have enough of Hawaii. As you hop from one island to another and tour its beaches, you will want more. So, make plans for another visit and till then enjoy the lovely memories that you made on the beach tour of Hawaii.

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