Things To Do In Orlando Besides Disney

Things To Do In Orlando Besides Disney

The majority of people when thinking about Orlando, think about one place… Disney. A place where there is not much to do except waste your money on the expensive rides. But this is not true. There are lots of things to do in Orlando besides Disney.

Orlando, a city located in central Florida and also known as the “The City Beautiful” is home to more than just theme parks. There are plenty of other tourist attractions that you can enjoy, like museums and local parks and alligator watching and quirky restaurants.

So, in case you want to go to Orlando but theme parks are not your thing, here are some of our favorite things to do in Orlando besides Disney.

Icon Orlando 360

You thought that London is the only city that has a giant Ferris wheel, well you thought wrong. Icon Orlando 360 is a 400 feet Ferris wheel in the center of the city. Just like the London Eye, it offers stunning views of the city skyline. Enjoy the ride in a closed and temperature-controlled capsule for the best Ferris Wheel experience.

There is also great dining nearby. There are fly and dine packages available.

Kennedy Space Center

Don’t forget to visit this place if you love space and history. The tour and attractions are organized chronologically, making it a really fun and interesting way to get to know how far we have come in exploring the space. Since there is a lot to learn and experience make sure you dedicate an entire day to this.

The space center is in Titusville only a short drive from Orlando. Of course, the Space Shuttle Atlantis is a must-see. The exhibit is very well done.

World of Chocolate Museum

Heaven for all the chocolate lovers, this unique museum not only informs you about the history of chocolate but you also get to see chocolate sculptors of 25 of the world’s most famous landmarks. Saving the best for the last, the tour ends with you in their tasting room where you get to indulge yourself in tasting some of the finest chocolate from all over the world.


You might be wondering why we would suggest you visit something as basic as McDonald’s. well, the reason is that this McDonald’s is unlike any other. Not only this McDonald’s have the largest entertainment and play place in Orlando but you can also make your own pizza here. Yes! Pizza! In a McDonald’s! It’s like one of your wildest dreams has come to life. Aside from that, this one also serves pasta and has a separate dessert bar.


Ever wanted to see an upside-down building, then make sure you visit Wonderworks. As you can get the idea from the name itself, this place is full of wondrous works.

Not only do you get to experience some of the most wonderful things, but you also get to learn a lot of stuff, like how you can lay on a bed full of nails without hurting yourself. Other activities include a 6D motion ride and an earthquake simulation.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Whether you find Titanic fascinating or you are just a die-hard Leo and Kate fan, this place will surely not disappoint you. Not only you get to see the real artifacts of the ship, found and recovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean but the tour itself is hosted by the people who played actual passengers in the famous James Cameron movie.

iFly Orlando

 In case you want to experience the thrill and excitement of sky diving, but suffer from some severe height phobia then you don’t need to worry cause iFly Orlando got you. The experience starts with a trainer giving you all the instructions about how to properly position your body and teaching you all the emergency hand signals. After that, you put on all the safety equipment and make your way to the flight chamber.

Madame Tussauds

If you went to Orlando and didn’t go to Madame Tussauds, did you really go to Orlando? So, what if you haven’t gotten the chance to meet your favorite celebrities yet, doesn’t mean you can’t get a selfie or picture with their wax figures. 

Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

As it is quite obvious from the name, it is a place where you get to enjoy food and comedy together. Take your family for a lunch or dinner for a casual meal and also get to enjoy 90 minutes of an improvised comedy show. They also have some activities to engage their audiences like mind reading and magic tricks.

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

In case you are tired of all these crowded places and just want some peaceful time, then try going on a walk-in Tibet-Butler. A walk in the shade of its trees will surely help you escape from the scorching sun and the overwhelming crowds.

Morse Museum

In case you are not familiar with who Louis Tiffany is, then all you need to know about him is that he was one of the most famous designers of the 19th century. His works mostly consisted of paintings, lamps, jewelry, and pottery. There is no other place in the world where you will find a collection of his work as large as this one. In case you are a student you only need to pay $1 as the entry fee and from November To April, Friday nights are free for everyone.

Boat Tour

Winter Park is known to be one of the most relaxing and beautiful towns in the states. It has so many lakes that together they form a chain. You can go on a boat tour of the town through these chains and enjoy the local scenery as well as the wildlife here.

This list is just a start as there are lots of things to do in Orlando besides Disney. You can still have a great family vacation with breaking the bank. Enjoy your Orlando vacation.

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