Things to do in Islamorada

Things to do in Islamorada


Things to Do in Islamorada, Florida

If you’re looking for fun activities in Islamorada, Florida, read this article. You’ll learn about Anne’s Beach, the Alligator Reef Lighthouse, Indian Key Historic State Park, and the Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory. And, of course, don’t miss the beach! And don’t forget to check out the open-air market for local food, too! And don’t forget to sample the infamous key lime pie!

Anne’s Beach

In Islamorada, FL, you’ll find the lovely beach of Anne’s. Named for local environmentalist Anne Eaton, the beach features calm, shallow waters and mushy sand. The beach is about half an hour from John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Parking is limited at the two parking lots, and a boardwalk connects them. You’ll find secluded areas, as well as plenty of opportunities to socialize with other beachgoers. The beach is also popular with fishermen and families.

Alligator Reef Lighthouse

A community-based organization has stepped forward to take over the Alligator Reef Lighthouse in Islamorado, Florida. The historic lighthouse, which stands four nautical miles offshore, has been in operation since 1873, keeping ships away from the dangerous coral reefs of the Florida Keys. The Friends of the Pool Inc., an Islamorada-based nonprofit, hopes to save the historic landmark through restoration. It estimates the project will take five to seven years and cost $9 million.

Indian Key Historic State Park

If you’ve ever been to Islamorada, you’ve probably heard of Indian Key. This historic island, located three-quarters of a mile out in the Atlantic Ocean around mile marker 78, has an interesting and intriguing history. It played an important role in the historical development of the Florida Keys, but not many people know this. The only way to see this historic island is to visit it on a kayak or canoe.

Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory

When you’re in Islamorada, you must try the key lime pie from the Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie CafĂ©. Here you can savor the delicious key lime pie, and enjoy some coffee or packaged sweets. There are many outdoor tables, so you can enjoy a cold beverage while you’re enjoying your key lime pie. You’ll find a friendly staff and delicious treats.

History of Diving Museum

A roadside attraction, the History of Diving Museum in Islamorada, Florida, traces the history of human desire to explore the sea. The building sits along the Overseas Highway, and its colorful mural exterior conceals a display of diving artifacts that are displayed like lawn ornaments. Visitors can learn about the evolution of diving from the ancient Greeks to modern-day divers.

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