Exuma Bahamas Vacation

Exuma Bahamas Vacation

Explore the Exuma Bahamas various Islands and spend a luxurious beach vacation away from the traffic and busy ports.

The Bahamas are the magical Caribbean Islands for you to enjoy a luxurious vacation. Next Up: the magical Exumas Islands with its alluring turquoise blue waters and stunning natural setting.

Of all the beautiful beach destinations around the globe, the Exumas Bahamas collection holds it’s position uniquely among beach lovers.

These lesser-known islands are hidden gems in the Carrabian archipelago. It is a great vacation destination for explorers wanting to enjoy a perfect beach vacation while interacting with local wildlife. Of course, you’ll have unique, memorable moments for your Instagram feeds, be excited about that.

Let’s find out how to explore the Bahama’s Exumas Islands and spend a luxurious vacation there. We’ll guide you where to stay, what to eat, and the unmissable things to do.

But, before that, let’s get some additional details about the Exumas Islands.

The Exumas, also known as Cays, are a group of over 365 islands nestled in the Bahamas. It stretches over 200 kilometers on the clear Caribbean waters showcasing a beautiful paradise setting that’ll never see elsewhere.

Most of these powder-white sand islands are uninhabited, but they make an excellent spot for island hopping in isolation. However, a few of them are privately owned, and that’s where tourists folk together to enjoy.

Famous Hollywood stars like John Depp owns a few of these pieces of floating paradise islands. Don’t get surprised knowing that he owns one of the Exumas islands as his private property.

Thus, the Exumas are the Bahamas islands with a laid back atmosphere. It makes a perfect place to enjoy the Caribbean water, natural setting, sun and sea, and what else? Let’s read through, as we’re going to discuss everything that you can do to explore the Exumas.

Which are the best of the Exumas Islands?

It’s indeed a difficult task to decide which Exumas Islands you should step into. However, the two unmissable is the Great Exuma and Little Exuma. They’ve got a laid-back atmosphere amidst breathtaking natural settings, and these are the ideal spot for you. Moreover, these are the places housing the luxurious resorts on the island.

Now, we’re going to start off discussing the best things to do in the Bahama’s Exuma Islands.

Enjoy at the Haulover Bay Bar and Grill

The Haulover Bay Bar and Grill is located in the beachfront overlooking the turquoise sea. You’ll enjoy this place, sitting in the outdoor while sipping a glass of handcrafted Bahama Mama cocktail. Of course, the surrounding views are fabulous. You can spend unlimited time relaxing and enjoying this environment while you see the kite surfers gliding around.

Enjoy eating fish at Shirley’s

Of course, the Exuma Islands will offer you plenty of fine-dine opportunities. But, to taste fresh and authentic fish fry, visit Shirley’s Fish Fry Shack on Great Exuma. This eating joint is right on the edge of the shallow blue waters. Enjoy the sun while you eat a delicious fish fry prepared in the traditional Bahamian style.

Enjoy Snorkelling at the Thunderball Grotto

The tranquil blue water of the Bahama’s Exumas Islands is an ideal spot to enjoy Snorkelling and explore the underwater beauty. The Thunderball Grotto is a famous snorkeling spot, and it’s named after a famous James Bond movie. Moreover, the picturesque beauty of this snorkeling spot is always tempting to Hollywood filmmakers.

Thus, it is an accessible filming location in the Bahamas. It is indeed a place to explore. Once you reach over here, you’ll find underwater caves, holes, and areas to swim through. You’ll also spot a variety of colorful fishes enhancing the underwater beauty.

Enjoy a thrilling water activity to swim with the Sharks.

Get yourself prepared to enjoy another thrilling water activity in the Bahama’s Exumas Islands. It’s a unique wildlife encounter where you’ll enjoy swimming with real Nurse sharks. Yes, that’ll an incredible experience when you’re in the Exumas Islands for a luxurious holiday. Don’t worry as these Nurse sharks never bite or harm you.

Although they belong to the Shark family, they are harmless. They aren’t as big as the white sharks, so you get an opportunity to swim along with them in the transparent seawater. Make sure to keep your underwater camera ready, as you need to be on the action for the entire time taking new snaps!

Eat Spiny Lobster

Of course, you’re visiting one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches, not only famous for its exotic natural beauty but, equally for fresh seafood. Next up: The Bahamian Rock Lobster or the Spiny Lobster dish at Santana’s is something that you’ve to try. Dive till the end of Great Exuma’s southern point where you’ll find this popular eatery, overcrowded as always. The Bahamian rock lobster dish that comes with lots of sides is the best pick from their menu. Bet! You can’t leave your plate, maybe licking fingers, who knows.

Best Resorts to stay in Exuma Bahamas

Among the luxurious resorts, below are the ones that we recommend:

Staniel cay yacht club

You’ll find beautiful cottages located right on the beach, and that’s the Staniel cay yacht club. With boutique interiors, modern bathrooms, and traditional wooden floors, it’s a fantastic place to stay and enjoy a beach holiday. Exclusive boat tours, fishing trips, wildlife excursions, and kayaking will be a part of your visiting experience.

Club peace and plenty

The Club peace and plenty is a boutique beachside resort with a stunning luxurious setting. You’ll find beautifully whitewashed rooms filled with traditional wooden furniture. From the large open terrace, get unforgettable views of the sea. 

Grand Isle Resort and Spa

The Grand Isle Resort and Spa are luxurious, spacious villas located on the Great Exuma. It’s a four-bedroom property with a fully equipped kitchen and has all modern amenities. These are oceanfront villas offering awe-inspiring close-up views of the sea. Furthermore, there’re countless things for families to do and enjoy.

Summing up

There’s no doubt that the Bahama’s Exumas Islands will give you an exotic staying experience; expect more than a simple beach holiday. We’ve also listed about the exciting things that you must try once you’re there. Stay in our suggested ultra-luxurious resorts, and eat the traditional Bahamian dishes; we bet! You’ll have an unforgettable holiday experience.

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