Experiencing Barbados Beaches

Experiencing Barbados Beaches
When we talk about beaches or thrilling water sports, we have book our flights for the Caribbean islands. Barbados is such an island of the Caribbean famous for its mesmerizing beaches and a paradise for divers from all over the world. Barbados beaches are so beautiful that often travelers nicknamed this island as “Diving Paradise.” Every year more than 1 million tourists visit Barbados to enjoy the white sandy pristine beaches which are unlike many in the Caribbean. There are a considerable number of beaches in Barbados and few of them already ranks among the top beaches in the world. The island’s beaches are spread across every coast and have diversified things to offer. The transparent water, gentle winds, white sandy beaches, stunning coral reefs and sea turtles are going to draw you here repeated times. From wherever you are, plan your backpacking for visiting this stunning island and explore the underwater secrets.

Interesting Facts about Barbados Beaches:

  • There are more than 80 beaches spread across the entire Island.
  • Every beach is even more unique than the other.
  • There are lots of unexplored underwater caves carving divers to visit Barbados.
  • Scattered shipwrecks can be witnessed on the western coast.
  • Swim along with the Sea Turtle, an unforgettable experience for Divers.
  • Host the largest number of islands adventure water-sports.

Top Barbados Beaches at a Glance:

Silver Sands – Stands among the top of the list for windsurfing beaches in Barbados. This beach is the south coast and is internationally famous for the Waterman Festival held during February and March, each year. During this festival, tourists gather here and take part in various adventure water sports competitions like windsurfing, surfing, kite-boarding, beach cricket, conch shell blowing, etc.

Miami Beach – This outstanding beach remains a hot favorite spot for tourists visiting Barbados. The stunning picturesque beauty, white sands on the beach and sun kissing your skin is definitely going to make you feel romantic. Relax on the beach chairs and enjoy mouth-watering flying fish sandwiches, a popular snack which local vendors sell here.

Dover Beach – This is another mesmerizing beach where you can enjoy swimming or take part in adventure watersports. This beach is for complete.

Brownes Beach – This is the island’s most extensive beach with a vast geographic stretch. The white sand and turquoise waters are ideal for Divers and Swimmers. Due to several shipwrecks in the bay, there are many marine lives and hence an ideal spot for snorkeling. This beach is a short taxi ride form the cruise terminal.

Folkestone Beach – This is a stunning beach not only famous for its exquisite scenic beauty, but it additionally offers some other featured attractions. At this beach, you can find a marine museum inside the Folksone Mareine Park. This is also the exotic place for the Barbados Sea Turtle Project, and you can watch the Hawksbill Sea Turtles when you do the scuba diving.

Final Verdict:

Barbados beaches and beach attractions are plenty. There is absolutely no doubt that Barbados beaches offer some unforgettable beach experience to millions of tourists visiting here.

What are your thoughts about Barbados’ beautiful beaches?

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