10 BVI Beach Bars

10 BVI Beach Bars

The beautiful virgin islands spread across the Caribbean. These stunning islands are known for breathtaking white sandy beaches, colourful coral reefs and great places to relax. Millions of tourists visit the Virgin Island each year to enjoy the Sun, Sand and Spirits. These three go hand in hand and offer a great combination for ultimate relaxation. There are so many stunning beachfront bars located in these islands. These beach bars offer great vibes and are surrounded by stunning natural settings. You can visit these Beach Bars and enjoy the surrounding gorgeous nature with a glass of drink in hand. The Virgin Islands is blessed with so many Beach Bars. Here is a list of the top 10 BVI beach bars. Each these bars have it’s own vibes and they have an elegant setup to match with the surrounding environment. Ready! Let’s dive and explore these Beach Bars in the Virgin Islands which are the epitome of Caribbean Vibes. Here is our list of the best BVI beach bars.

Soggy Dollar Beach Bar

The Soggy Dollar is a popular Beach Bar located in the British Virgin Islands. They started its operation back in 1970 and gained immense popularity over the years. The painkiller is their internationally famous flavoured rum cocktail. They prepare this handcrafted cocktail blending dark rum with coconut cream, pineapple and orange juice in correct proportion. Grated nutmeg is used as a topping to garnish these unique drinks. This Beach Bar is set in a stunning location and packed with an enthusiastic crowd throughout the day. The surrounding white bay has jaw-dropping beauty. A Painkiller goes perfect along with the surrounding natural beauty. If you are hungry, grab tasty and delicious food from lunch or dinner menu. Crispy fried fish sandwich, cheeseburgers or hamburgers all are a perfect fit to accompany a drink. Visit this stunning Beach Bar and spend time enjoying the surrounding vibes.

Ivan’s Stress-Free Bar

Located in Jost Van Dyke and very near to Soggy Dollar Beach Bar, Ivan’s Stress-Free Bar is a great place to relax. This stunning Beach Bar has great laid-back ambience. There are beach chairs facing the beach where you can plant yourself and enjoy handcrafted drinks. This Beach Bar is also known as Caribbean’s most peaceful bar. The surrounding natural setup is stunning. Thursdays are popular for drinks and BBQ. This beachfront bar attracts a large crowd. Undoubtedly, it is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. So, visit and enjoy the beautiful surrounding while sipping your favourite drink.


Foxy’s is a popular Beach Bar located in the Brittish Virgin Islands. This bar offers a stunning chill-out environment to enjoy. The best thing about Foxy is the owner Foxy Callwood himself entertains the crowd. Visit this beautiful bar and enjoy drinking rum and draft beers. If you are looking for a party atmosphere in a Beach Bar, this is the ideal place to visit. Weekends are fueled up with BBQ parties, drink and dance. Foxy’s New Year’s Eve beach party is famous across the Carribean, so try visiting this place and enjoy.

Foxy’s Taboo

Foxy’s Taboo beach bar offers a stunning atmosphere. It is a great place for a day trip where you can enjoy fabulous lunch and relax. From fresh pizzas to eggplant cheesecake their menu includes all popular Mediterranean snacks. Don’t forget to taste their unique handcrafted cocktail Bushwacker during your visit.

B-Line Beach Bar

The B-Line Beach Bar is located on the small island of Little Jost. This is a nice beach bar with a stunning ambience to give you a laid-back experience. You can find plenty of lounge chairs on the beachfront where you can sit and relax with a drink. The Passion Confusion is the unique signature drink served by this beach bar. It is beautifully handcrafted mixing fruit juices and rum together. The B-Line Beach Bar gained immense popularity over time. So, make sure you visit and enjoy this place.

Bomba’s Surfside Shack

Bomba’s Surfside Shack is another popular Beach Bar in Tortola. Check out this surfside bar and restaurant for its famous Bomba Punch, which packs quite a wallop, and the so-called “herbal” tea. It is built back in the ’70s using several discarded materials giving it a distinct look. Bomba’s Surfside Shack is popular for hosting the most famous full moon beach party. Don’t miss a chance to visit this bar and dance on the music bits until dawn.

Bitter End Yacht Club

Bitter End Yacht Club is a beautiful resort and yacht club located at Virgin Gorda. The Windward Mark Bar and The Clubhouse Bar are the popular Bars where you can enjoy drinking. Enjoy playing games of pool or darts while you visit this club. Don’t miss visiting the Crawl Pub where you can eat the best handmade Pizza in the Caribbean.

Cow Wreck Beach Bar

The Cow Wreck Beach Bar is an ideal place to enjoy a full day. This beautiful beach bar is located on the slice of white sandy beach surrounded by turquoise waters. They also have their own signature cocktail, the Painkiller. You can also enjoy drinking two handcrafted flavours like the Cow Killer and the Wreck Punch. A great place with stunning vibes where you must visit.

Pirates Bight

The Pirates Bight is a beautiful beachfront spot located right in the picturesque Norman Island. Visit this beach bar and enjoy the stunning surrounded scenic beauty. The Bar’s menu has several offerings, so choose the item of your preference. Visit this place and enjoy the great vibes with a drink in hand.

Final Verdict

BVI Beach Bars are places for enjoyment and ultimate relaxation. They are located right at the beachfront for you to enjoy the sand and the sea. The beach Bars also hosts lots of special events and beachfront parties. Visit these top-rated beach bar in the Virgin Islands and enjoy!

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